Pronunciation of Serbian letters

When you start to learn Serbian, some letters might be difficult for pronunciation, because you don't have them in your own language. I am primarily referring to the following: Č, Ć, DŽ, Đ, LJ, NJ, Š, Z, Ž. Serbian teacher online will give you many exercises to practice and improve your pronunciation of Serbian letters.
But first, read the description below, and try to pronounce every letter separately.

Č      ČOVEK, ČAJ    (tongue is touching upper palate; hard letter; č as in English words chalk, chain, charge)
Ć      ĆUP, ĆUTATI   (soft letter; top of the tongue is touching bottom of the lower teeth; middle part of the tounge is mildly touching upper palate and upper teeth; no equivalent in English)
DŽ     DŽEP, DŽIP (hard letter; similar tounge position as č, but you are also moving forward lower lip; many equivalents in English - dž as in gin, and in many names Jerry, John, Jack)
Đ      ĐAK, ĐUBRE (soft letter; the sound is formed when tounge is leaned on upper and lower teeth; no equivalent in English; similar tongue position as Ć)
LJ      LJUBAV, LJULJAŠKA (soft letter, as soft L; no real equivalent in English, but similar to L in milion; tongue is down, touching lower teeth; mouth is half open)
NJ    NJIVA, NJEN (soft letter, as soft N; no real equivalent in English, but similar to N in New York or in news; both lips forward, tongue linned on low teeth)
Š      ŠUMA, ŠAMAR (the sound like when you want to make a silence - shhhhh; as in English shark, shame, Sean Connery)
Z      ZVONO, ZUB (the sound like when bees is buzzing, zzzzzzzz; like in English zest, zen, zone) 
Ž      ŽENA, ŽIVOT (the sound similar to Z, but stronger; both lips are moving; similar to the sound in English word pleasure)

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