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How to motivate yourself to continue with learning Serbian language

If you have been started with learning Serbian, that already means that you have basic motivation and a reason for learning this Slavic language. But Serbian language is not easy and you will experience ups and downs in your motivation for learning.
Let's see what can we do about it.

1) What is your goal with learning Serbian ? 

To be able to communicate with friends and family in Serbia ? To start your business in Serbia ? To study in Serbia ? Keep that is mind when you have motivation crises. Never forget your goal. And remember that big and important goals are never reached over the night. 

2) Appreciate small improvements. 

If you had problems before with mixing up pronouns (on ona ono oni one ona, ah, it really sounds so similar) and now you don't - appreciate that. If you don't make mistakes in 3rd person plural of present tense - appreciate that. If you are confident about your accusative, but still not totally comfortable with your locative, appreciate your accusative. Every small step is bringing you closer to the success.

3) Be realistic - new language is a new world. Give yourself time. 

There is so many new stuff to learn. Vocabulary, grammar rules, words order... It takes time. For someone a year, for someone three years. It's individual and don't pressure yourself about it. You need as much time as you need. 

4) Visualize yourself at the end of the road.

Imagine the moment when you are communicating with a family, working in Serbia, or study on one of Serbian faculties and you don't have any problems in understanding people around you. You feel good and accepted. 

5) Have fun with it.

Watch movies, play games, read comic books. Put stickers on your clothes and on house objects with words for them. Talk with children. Fun will increase your level of motivation.

6) Approach to the language from the different angles.

Similar to the number 5). Input as much variations as you can - when you are bored of grammar, take a walk and guess the names of things on your way. Do exercises and when you are bored with that, join some Serbian chat and contribute (say something :) ). Write a letter to a friend in your (limited, doesn't matter) Serbian, surprise him. 

7) Do a little bit every day.

Then you will constantly renew your motivation.
Make it to be a part of your daily routine. Give yourself small daily homework. Be free to use my blog for that purpose. 

Serbian Teacher Online
Lidija Novakovic Lagrini 

Serbian movies with English subtitles - Српски филмови са енглеским титлом

During online course of Serbian language, in intermediate faze of your learning, Serbian teacher will recommend watching movies with English subtitles. Learn Serbian through entertainment - by watching movies.

Serbian movies with English subtitles
The choice of Serbian movies with English subtitles online is not very wide, but it becomes better every day. 
It is possible to find really good classical or modern movies, with subtitles of a solid quality. 
This activity should be very useful for the expanding of Serbian vocabulary and it's highly recommended by Serbian teacher.
Enjoy the movies !


Buffet Titanic - drama

A film made by famous Balkan director Emir Kusturica. His name is a recommendation by itself. Many movie lovers agree that Kusturica gave his best in his early works, like in this movie from 1979.

Balkanski špijun (Balkan Spy) - black comedy

Leading character is Ilija Čvorović, in interpretation of famous Serbian actor Danilo Bata Stojković. As a former political prisoner, now he is suspicious about everything and everybody. The most 'suspicious' is his subtenant, businessman just returned from Paris. Ilija and his brother begin their own investigation against this man because they believe he is the national threat. Their investigation is weird, funny and absurd.

Podzemlje (Underground)

Another movie by Emir Kusturica, with many great Serbian actors - Miki Manojlovic, Slavko Stimac, Lazar Ristovski, Mirjana Karanovic, Mirjana Jokovic, etc. It's a black comedy and it has many surreal and grotesque elements which is providing really unique art experience for the audience. Music in a movie is made by Goran Bregovic, which also contributes to the whole impression. If you like crazy, rough, wild, poetic and Slavic soul movie experience, this one is perfect for you. 


I didn't watch this one, but I heard very positive opinions. This is said on IMDB: Several friends from the childhood lead their normal lives, when one their old friend returns to the city. They all get together, and what begins as a reunion party of close friends with lots of catching up to do, turns into an emotional rollercoaster of dark humor, bitterness, anger, grim soul searching... Through the very personal accounts of their own lives and lives of their school friends, we get to reveal the omninous mark the final decade of the twentieth century has left on them... 

Bitka na Sutjesci (The Battle of Sutjeska)

Classic of Yugoslav cinematography, made in 1973. One of the characters is Yugoslavian former president Tito. He was the president almost 40 years and he was loved and criticized. In movies, he is often presented as a hero and that is the case with this partisan movie. The curiosity is that Tito is played here by Richard Barton

Ko to tamo peva (Who's Singing Over There)

Eppic dark comedy from 1980. Many replicas from this movie are present today in spoken language. The bus is starting its journey and people in it are traveling to Belgrade, it's April 5, 1941... Lot of funny characters are in that bus - freshly married couple with inexperienced but passionate groom, ambitious singer and seducer, two young musicians, a clumsy hunter, the character played by Bata Stojkovic, I don't even know how to describe him - stubborn pain in the ass, crazy bus driver and his father... This gallery of characters is making  a specific atmosphere in a movie... Don't miss this one. 

Ljubav i drugi zlocini (Love and other crimes)

An unsatisfied woman in her late 30s dreams about stealing the big cash and leaving the country. She meets a petty criminal ten years her junior who has the thing for her, and she asks herself is he the only true love of her life. Main actors Anica Dobra and Vuk Kostic. 

Vidimo se u citulji (See You in Obituary)

Unique documentary about the chaotic Belgrade underworld in the early 1990s against the backdrop of wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of these guys shown in a movie ended very soon, as the title implies, on the cemetery.  

In general, Serbian cinematography offers a lot to the movie enthusiasts and film lovers. In these movies one may find exciting life stories, acting of high quality and Slavic soul poetics. 

If you want to know more about the topic or you need a recommendation, write me
Watching Serbian movies with English subtitles might make significant contribution to your knowledge of Serbian language. In any case, you may enjoy the movies.

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