Serbian Idioms - Exercises for the Advanced Learners

An idiom is a phrase or a fixed expression that has a figurative meaning. For every translator, it's the most difficult part of the job to translate the idioms. But challenging and inspiring as well. How well do you know Serbian idioms ? Test your knowledge and then check your answers with Serbian teacher online. 

What does it mean:

1) Bacila sam oko na njega.          

A) I need glasses.
B) I like his eyes.
C) I like him. 

2) Upala joj sekira u med.

A) She likes to eat honey. 
B) She got very lucky.
C) She is very attractive. 

3) I vuk sit i ovce na broju.

A) Win-win situation.
B) Very sad situation.
C) Material well being. 

4) Spava ko zaklan.

A) He died. 
B) He sleeps tight.
C) He is restless in his sleep.

5) Pijan je ko majka.

A) He is very sober.
B) He is very drunk.
C) He is actually my mother.

6) Ko rano rani, dve sreće grabi.

A) It's good and productive to wake up early. 
B) I am depressed, I want  to sleep the whole day.
C) If you get up early, you feel very sleepy the whole day. 

7) On lupa kao Maksim po diviziji.

A) He is very intelligent person.
B) He is talking nonsense.
C) He is telling a joke. 

8) Obrao si zelen bostan. 

A) You got yourself into a big trouble.
B) You haven't learned enough for the exam.
C) You should take a bath. 

9) Ma, pusti ga kad je na tri ćoška.

A) Let him go, he is only joking.
B) Let him go, he is nervous and sensitive. 
C) Let him go, he is not telling you the truth.

10) Izgledaš ko da su te krave žvakale.

A) Your clothes is in a mess.
B) You are real animal lover.
C) You are not very smart.

11) Smeje se ko lud na brašno.

A) He is laughing but he is sad.
B) He is laughing for no reason.
C) He is laughing at himself. 

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