Swearing in Serbian Language – Psovke u srpskom jeziku

In this post I will translate and explain few Serbian common swearwords.

If you think that this is a trivial topic, I will remind you of a great reformer of Serbian language in 19th century, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. He was also very much interested in swearwords, and gave to this topic lot of attention in his first Serbian dictionary from 1818th. He also collected and published erotic-porn oral folk poetry in a book ‘Crven ban’ (‘Red Duke’).
Swearwords throw interesting light on a language and they often carry metaphorical potential. I hope you will agree with me after reading this post. I am looking forward to hear your comments.  
But please, if you find swearwords and writing about them offensive or inappropriate, stop reading this text. Switch to some text about Stanoraya and Farm, or about terrorism, thank you.

’Marš u pičku materinu!’
This one is in use when you are really angry at somebody and you are right (at least you are strongly convinced that you are right).
Word ‘marš’ means – ‘go away!’ but said in a very harsh tone of voice.
The whole expression means – ‘Go back into your mother’s cunt!’ Metaphorically speaking – it would be better that you have never been born.
This curse might be sometimes used in a totally opposite way, as a joke, with meaning – ‘C’mon, you don’t say!’

‘Jebem ti krvavo sunce!’
This one is my favorite because I never understood who would say something like that about the Sun.
It literally means – ‘I fuck your bloody Sun.’
Can you imagine the scene? A guy is putting his phallus into the shiny star covered with blood. Pretty impressive, right?

‘Jebaću ti brata/sestru/oca/majku!’
‘I will fuck your brother/sister/father/mother!’
By these swearwords somebody is expressing intention to break the ancient taboo – taboo of incest. Verb ‘jebati’ (‘to fuck’) is often used in swearwords with violent connotation. It sounds more as a treat than as an act of giving and receiving pleasure.
Future tense is used, so, this swearword sounds like a promise. Very offensive one. 

‘Jebem ti i seme i pleme’
‘I fuck your seed and your tribe.’
These swearwords are taking us to the ancient time of tribes. We may interpret them as – I am so angry at you that I want to fuck (read ‘hurt’) your beginning (your seed) and your ancestors (your tribe), so, I want to go into the time before you were born and to… We can only imagine what would have happened further. Inventor of this curse went far away; his idea belongs to the science fiction. 

‘Bog te jebo!’
‘May God fuck you!’
(There is also an opposite version to this one – Jebem ti Boga – I fuck your God.) This expression is not an insult; it is used to express our astonishment by something.

‘To je pičkin dim.
This expression means – ‘That is an easy accomplishment’ or literally ‘That is a cunt’s smoke’. Why is cunt’s smoke easy and irrelevant, or is it relevant, what does it symbolize - we may only guess. According to the funny web dictionary ‘Vukajlija’ – pičkin dim does not actually exist in a real life (even if some people have been searching for it). The expression is compound word, made from ‘pička’ and ‘dim’ (first word has two meanings - 'weak man'/'cunt', and smoke); both words symbolize something weak and easy to go through, without obstacles.

We mentioned collection of erotic-porn poetry, published by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić two centuries ago, the book ‘Crven ban’ (‘Red Duke’). The title is a metaphor for sexual organ, as you might assume. Some of the poems, full of swearwords, you may hear here. It's an interesting poetry, I hope you will enjoy it. 
Read more about Serbian swearwords in texts Fuck this article and Serbian Swearing .

And let’s finish this post with an old joke:
- Do you know where is the border between Serbia and Montenegro?
- It is where you stop fucking mothers and start fucking fathers!

Swearwords are vivid part of the Serbian language, they are in common use and they are changing, just like the language.

Lidija Novaković Lagrini

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