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Serbian humor - Dinja

The great way to learn Serbian is to watch movies, TV-shows and to follow Serbian YouTube stars. 

Have you already heard for Dinja ? 12.000 people like her on Facebook, she has 60.000 followers on Instagram and her videos on Youtube are seen 3.000.000 times. Her jokes are sharp, absurd, hilarious, extremely funny and often funny and serious at the same time.
Wouldn't you like to know what is she talking about ? 

Gaće su pravo izbora - The Underpants are the Right of Choice

What kind of question is that - why am I wearing underpants around my neck ?!! 
You are violating my integrity, you don't have any right to ask me that !! 
My underpants are my jewelry. 
And ? Now what ? 
As a woman, I have the right to choose how do I wear my underpants, around the neck or... 
I don't understand, why are you abusing me ?!

Let me know which other clips do you like. Learn Serbian online while laughing with Serbian humor. 

Serbian Teacher Online
Lidija Novaković Lagrini

How to Make Gibanica? (Serbian Dishes - part 1)

Probably you have already tasted Serbian gibanica. It's similar to famous burek, but not completely the same. There are few versions of it. I will present you my favorite recipe for the gibanica. This version is called 'gužvara'. You may read the recipe in Serbian and in English; so, you may compare and learn some new words besides learning how to make this delicious dish. 

Potrebno Vam je: kore (1 pakovanje), 500 gr belog sira, šolja jogurta, čaša kisele vode, 5 jaja, 2 kašičice soli, decilitar ulja. 
Zagrejte rernu na 200 stepeni. Nauljite tepsiju. Stavite tri kore na dno. 
Pomešajte sir, jogurt, kiselu vodu, 4 jaja, 1,5 kašičicu soli i ulje i napravite kompaktnu smesu. 
Jednu po jednu koru umačite i smesu pa je zgužvajte i ređajte u tepsiju. Na kraju prelijte sve ostatkom smese. Stavite još dve kore preko svega. 
Umutite 1 jaje sa malo ulja i pola kašičice soli. Prelijte gibanicu.
Pecite u rerni oko 35 minuta.

You will need: kore (1 package) (I left this Serbian word, because there is no good English alternative; in Serbia ask for 'kore' and in other countries you may also find it in Turkish stores, they call it 'jufka'), 500 gr white cheese, cup of yogurt, glass of mineral water, 5 eggs, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 deciliter of oil.
Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Take big baking dish and oil it a little bit. Place three kore on the bottom. 
Mix cheese, yogurt, mineral water, 4 eggs, 1,5 teaspoon of salt and oil, and make a compact mixture. 
Take one by one kore, crumple it, immerse it into mixture. Place them next to each other in baking dish. When you finish, pour the remains of mixture over everything. Put 2 kore on the top.
Whisk 1 egg with little bit of salt and oil. Pour that small mixture over gibanica. Then, it is ready for the oven.
Bake it in oven for about 35 minutes.

Learn Serbian online while making delicious dishes,
Lidija Novaković Lagrini  

Swearing in Serbian Language – Psovke u srpskom jeziku

In this post I will translate and explain few Serbian common swearwords.

If you think that this is a trivial topic, I will remind you of a great reformer of Serbian language in 19th century, Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. He was also very much interested in swearwords, and gave to this topic lot of attention in his first Serbian dictionary from 1818th. He also collected and published erotic-porn oral folk poetry in a book ‘Crven ban’ (‘Red Duke’).
Swearwords throw interesting light on a language and they often carry metaphorical potential. I hope you will agree with me after reading this post. I am looking forward to hear your comments.  
But please, if you find swearwords and writing about them offensive or inappropriate, stop reading this text. Switch to some text about Stanoraya and Farm, or about terrorism, thank you.

’Marš u pičku materinu!’
This one is in use when you are really angry at somebody and you are right (at least you are strongly convinced that you are right).
Word ‘marš’ means – ‘go away!’ but said in a very harsh tone of voice.
The whole expression means – ‘Go back into your mother’s cunt!’ Metaphorically speaking – it would be better that you have never been born.
This curse might be sometimes used in a totally opposite way, as a joke, with meaning – ‘C’mon, you don’t say!’

‘Jebem ti krvavo sunce!’
This one is my favorite because I never understood who would say something like that about the Sun.
It literally means – ‘I fuck your bloody Sun.’
Can you imagine the scene? A guy is putting his phallus into the shiny star covered with blood. Pretty impressive, right?

‘Jebaću ti brata/sestru/oca/majku!’
‘I will fuck your brother/sister/father/mother!’
By these swearwords somebody is expressing intention to break the ancient taboo – taboo of incest. Verb ‘jebati’ (‘to fuck’) is often used in swearwords with violent connotation. It sounds more as a treat than as an act of giving and receiving pleasure.
Future tense is used, so, this swearword sounds like a promise. Very offensive one. 

‘Jebem ti i seme i pleme’
‘I fuck your seed and your tribe.’
These swearwords are taking us to the ancient time of tribes. We may interpret them as – I am so angry at you that I want to fuck (read ‘hurt’) your beginning (your seed) and your ancestors (your tribe), so, I want to go into the time before you were born and to… We can only imagine what would have happened further. Inventor of this curse went far away; his idea belongs to the science fiction. 

‘Bog te jebo!’
‘May God fuck you!’
(There is also an opposite version to this one – Jebem ti Boga – I fuck your God.) This expression is not an insult; it is used to express our astonishment by something.

‘To je pičkin dim.
This expression means – ‘That is an easy accomplishment’ or literally ‘That is a cunt’s smoke’. Why is cunt’s smoke easy and irrelevant, or is it relevant, what does it symbolize - we may only guess. According to the funny web dictionary ‘Vukajlija’ – pičkin dim does not actually exist in a real life (even if some people have been searching for it). The expression is compound word, made from ‘pička’ and ‘dim’ (first word has two meanings - 'weak man'/'cunt', and smoke); both words symbolize something weak and easy to go through, without obstacles.

We mentioned collection of erotic-porn poetry, published by Vuk Stefanović Karadžić two centuries ago, the book ‘Crven ban’ (‘Red Duke’). The title is a metaphor for sexual organ, as you might assume. Some of the poems, full of swearwords, you may hear here. It's an interesting poetry, I hope you will enjoy it. 
Read more about Serbian swearwords in texts Fuck this article and Serbian Swearing .

And let’s finish this post with an old joke:
- Do you know where is the border between Serbia and Montenegro?
- It is where you stop fucking mothers and start fucking fathers!

Swearwords are vivid part of the Serbian language, they are in common use and they are changing, just like the language.

Lidija Novaković Lagrini

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Top Ten Reasons to Learn Serbian

Top 10 razloga za učenje srpskog jezika

My job is to teach Serbian as a foreign language and very often I hear the question: 'Sorry, but why would someone learn Serbian?' Hmm... Ok, you asked for this post.

1) To be able to understand Balkan sense of humor 

People on the Balkans make jokes about everything and everyone. Nobody is so fast to invent a joke and to react in a new situation with humor as Serbians and Bosnians. These jokes are sharp, witty and hilarious, and trust me, you would be rolling on the floor laughing. 

2) Balkan people will appreciate your effort 

Doesn't matter if you are only a beginner and if your pronunciation is far from good - Balkan people will appreciate the fact that you are putting an effort to learn their language. 
Nobody will switch to English while you are trying to speak Serbian, nobody will laugh at you. You will get lots of support, help and smiles.

3) To be able to order delicious Balkan food

If you want to eat in a restaurant and you are able to order by yourself: pljeskavica sa kajmakom, burek, sarma, jagnjeći kotleti, ćevapčići, teleći škembići, čvarci, musaka sa mlevenim mesom, proja, sarmice od zelja, punjene paprike, svadbarski kupus sa dimljenim mesom, pileći paprikaš, pihtije, ajvar, pasulj sa kobasicama, jagnjetina pod sačem ... mmmm... your pleasure will be doubled.

4) To learn easier other Slavic languages

If you already know Serbian, it will be much easier for you to learn some other Slavic language: Belorussian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovenian, etc. 
There are many similarities in vocabulary. Also, these languages have cases as in Serbian. 

5) To open a startup company on the Balkans

Yes, it's true what people say - paperwork is too complicated and some things (Pay Pall for instance) are not working the way you are used to. But it doesn't mean that startup company on the Balkans is not a good idea.
Some business areas are not developed enough (for example: consultant services, internet banking, ecological tourism... - you do the research, I am a Serbian teacher, not an economist) and that might be a great business opportunity. Discover what is missing and start your own company.
Of course, knowledge of Serbian language would be a great advantage.

6) To read Serbian writers in original

Maybe we don't have a good marketing for our culture, but we have some of the best writers in a world. You might say that I am subjective about it, but I am firmly standing behind my opinion. 
Primarily I am talking about the writers between two world wars (in the age of vanguard) and about some contemporary writers.
Miloš Crnjanski, Borisav Pekić, Isidora Sekulić, Rastko Petrović, Momčilo Nastasijević, Rade Drainac, Ivo Andrić, Milorad Pavić, Danilo Kiš, Vasko Popa, Miodrag Bulatović, Vladimir Pištalo, Jelena Lengold, Branko Miljković, Petar Petrović Njegoš... And then some!

7) To understand languages of other Balkan nations

If you speak and understand Serbian, you will be able to understand perfectly someone from Bosnia, Croatia, Monte Negro, and pretty much someone from Macedonia. Another four countries, ain't it enough ?
I won't go now into polemic if Serbian and Croatian are one the same language or two separate languages (I will just whisper into your ear - it is one language). The differences among them are probably not bigger than differences between British and American English. 
Understanding is important. So, if you want more understanding on the Balkans, learn Serbian. 
As an old Serbian proverb says: Speak Serbian if you want to be understood by the whole world. (?!) 

8) To talk with Serbian farmers

If you, by any chance, find yourself in some distant Serbian village, local people will be very excited to talk with you, because they don't have an opportunity to talk with foreigners very often. Of course, they probably don't speak any other language but Serbian. So, if you don't speak Serbian, with all help of arms and legs, you won't be able to communicate much. 
If you speak even a little bit of Serbian, you will be surprised how witty and wisdom words you may hear from these people. 
About corn field, about nature, about life. 

9) Number of Serbian language speakers is higher than 12 million people 

Not an negligible number, isn't it? According to estimation of respectful linguist Ranko Bugarski.   

10) Find your own personal reason

a) To experience Serbian clubbing (Though, for this activity language is not really necessary. You also may just have a drink or two and move your hips in a rhythm. But it's nicer if you are able to communicate with all these great young people.)
b) To touch Slavic soul - soul of a nation is in its language...
c) To finally understand what is Goran Bregovic singing about (which is not easy even when you are a native speaker).
d) To brag in front of your friends that you know how to read the exotic alphabet - Cyrillic.
e) To know how to swear in Serbian - everybody loves to hear and to repeat these.
f) To be able to say to your love: Ti si moja duša i srce!
g) You tell me.

Lidija Novakovic Lagrini

For everything else you want to know about this topic, or how to learn Serbian online with a help of a Serbian teacher, send me an email to

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Balkan songs with lyrics - Balkanske pesme s tekstom

Serbian teacher online LEARN LANGUAGE BY SINGING

Listening to the Balkan songs with lyrics is a great way for learning Serbian language. (Also Croatian and Bosnian, if we consider them as separate languages.) This choice of songs belongs to the musical mainstream. Serbian teacher's favorites among these musicians are Darko Rundek and Plavi orkestar. 

Enjoy in learning with the music!

Đorđe Balašević
Neki novi klinci
Priča o Vasi Ladačkom

Darko Rundek
Uzalud pitaš

Riblja čorba
Nemoj da ideš mojom ulicom
Kada padne noć
Lutka sa naslovne strane
Pogledaj dom svoj anđele
Pravila, pravila

Kao ptica na mom dlanu

Bijelo dugme
Ružica si bila
Lipe cvatu

Bajaga i instruktori
Život je nekad siv, nekad žut

Prljavo kazalište
Moj bijeli labude

Oka tvoja dva

Parni valjak
Moja je pjesma lagana

Plavi orkestar
Zelene su bile oči te
Život je more

Music has many positive influences, it effects our senses and our internal body processes. 
Melody helps us to memorize the words and to expand the vocabulary, especially if we like the song, and listen to it over and over again. 

Let me know if you like these songs and for which other songs you would like to know the lyrics. 

For everything else you want to know about this topic, or how to learn Serbian online with a help of a Serbian teacher, send me an email to

Ako želite da unapredite svoje znanje srpskog jezika, ili znate nekoga ko želi da počne da uči "od nule" naš lepi jezik, pišite mi na navedenu adresu.

Priloženi muzički izbor spada u mejnstrim, ali se nadam da među ovim pesmama možete naći neke drage pesme koje podsećaju na neki drugačiji Balkan od današnjeg. Pesme sa tekstom pogodne su za proširivanje vokabulara ako učite srpski jezik.
A ako ga već znate, onda, recimo, možete iskoristiti ovaj post i organizovati multinacionalne karaoke sa Vašim prijateljima i rođacima :)

your Serbian teacher online, 
Lidija Novaković Lagrini

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Best Serbian radio stations online – Najbolje srpske radio stanice

Learn Serbian

If you want to improve your Serbian vocabulary, listening to the alive language is very important. That's why we are presenting this choice of Serbian radio stations online.

Some of Serbian language learners have the opportunity to hear the language in live conversations on a daily bases. If your working environment is Serbian, or if majority of your family are Serbs (or Croatians or Bosnians), that would be your case. 
But, much more often, the conditions are just the opposite. Most of my students live faraway from the Balkans and they rarely have contact with live language, except when they have a lesson with a Serbian teacher. 

That's why we have the internet! And radio stations online.
Besides the fact that it sometimes eats our time, internet might be very useful if you want to learn Serbian language.

Most of the radio stations in air emit only music, so, I skipped them in this choice. 
I wanted you to listen to the talk-shows, educational and cultural programs. Anything where you might hear modern Serbian language

Radio Beograd 202

(fun, music, information)
Hosts on this radio station are often relaxed and funny, their language is casual and urban. Recommendation: Radio-show 'Oblak u bermudama' with host Darko Kocjan.

Radio Beograd 2. program

(classical music, literature, education, science)
This radio station is really special. They have many scientific and cultural radio-shows in a very high intellectual level. Their guests are experts from different areas - classical music, literature, arts, linguistics, etc. 
Often one may hear on these radio waves excellent experimental concerts or radio-dramas. 

Radio B92

(news, music)
This radio station belongs here maybe because of my nostalgia, because it had lost a lot from its previous quality and glory. 
Before, it was a symbol of courage in difficult times. Now, I am not really sure. You may check it by yourself. 

Radio Index

(music, news)
The similar description as for Beograd 202; this radio station was the students' radio before, and now they have various shows and very good nightly program. 

For everything else you want to know about this topic, or how to learn Serbian online with a help of a Serbian teacher, send me an email to

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