Auxiliary verb 'jesam' - Pomoćni glagol 'jesam'

Auxiliary verb 'jesam' is an equivalent to English verb 'to be' (there is also an another version of verb 'to be' in Serbian language; about that topic in some future blog post by Serbian teacher online). If you want to learn Serbian, this would be one of the first grammar lessons. Verb 'jesam' has its shorter and longer version. 

Shorter form is used more often. It is in use independently as well as in construction of more complex tenses (e.g. simple past tense):


1. (ja) SAM

2. (ti) SI

3. (on, ona, ono) JE


1. (mi) SMO

2. (vi) STE

3. (oni, one, ona) SU

Longer form:


1. (ja) JESAM

2. (ti) JESI

3. (on, ona, ono) JESTE


1. (mi) JESMO

2. (vi) JESTE

3. (oni, one, ona) JESU

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