Do you already have experience with online learning? It's getting more and more popular for many reasons. If you want to learn Serbian online, you will get plenty of FREE material and you will have lots of help by Serbian teacher online. 

Teaching method

Before every lesson your Serbian teacher, and that would be me, sends the learning material to your email.
When the lesson starts, we work on the material together, via Skype. You also get homework every time.
We read, discuss grammar, you are doing written and oral exercises, we practice pronunciation, expand vocabulary, etc.

It's very similar to alive lesson. Maybe it's even more direct and more efficient to learn Serbian this way, because we are active the whole time, without distractions

In lessons I use Serbian and English language (and a little bit of Dutch if it's needed). 
Learn Serbian

Learning material

The only thing you need is - Skype, which I believe that you already have.

The rest is provided by me and it's FREE.
Material for every lesson consists of 10-15 documents: word documents, pictures, links, videos, etc. 
It's age-appropriate and adjusted to your level. 

You will get: grammar lessons; writing, listening, reading and speaking exercises; stories and poems; interesting links; images for description; topics for conversation, etc.

If you are a child, I will send you more entertaining contents - cartoons, pictures, videos, and we will learn Serbian in funny and easy way.

Good luck in learning Serbian with help of Serbian teacher online!

Nastavni metod i materijal:

Pre svake lekcije, dobijate na svoju imejl adresu materijal za učenje.
Tokom lekcije, zajedno sa onlajn nastavnikom, koristite nastavni materijal i radite razne vrste vežbanja (čitanje, pisanje, slušanje, izgovor), razgovarate o raznim temama, opisujete slike, radite gramatičke lekcije, itd. Uvek dobijete i domaći zadatak. Materijal je prilagođen Vašem uzrastu i nivou znanja.
Sav nastavni materijal je BESPLATAN. 

Lidija Novaković Lagrini



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