Exercise - 'Da li' sentences (Intermediate level)

Learn how to make questions in Serbian. 'Da li' sentences are the basic way of asking question, when the expected answer is Yes or No.

They always start with 'da li' and it's easier to make them in Serbian than in English. 

Common formulas:                 

DA LI  +  AUXILIARY VERB  +  SUBJECT +  other parts                

DA LI  +  AUXILIARY VERB  +  other parts                



Translate sentences:

Are you well?
Is she pretty?
Am I your brother?
Are we going?
Are you professors?
Is he a good man?
Is she your child?
Are they here?
Am I from Venezuela? 
Is it cold?

Da li je ona gospođa Petrović?
Da li je beba dečak?
Da li je on tvoj otac?
Da li je to vaša kuća?
Da li sam lepa?
Da li je danas ponedeljak?

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