How well do you know CASES in Serbian ?

Cases are the important part in a process of learning Serbian language. There are 7 cases in singular and 7 cases in plural and it's not easy to know them all. For correct use of cases usually is needed to spend some time among native speakers and to be an advanced learner of Serbian. It's useful if you already know other Slavic language, because cases are characteristic of Slavic languages. How good are you in cases? Check your knowledge. 

Choose the correct case:

1) Čitala sam _____ .      a) strip, b) stripom, c) stripe
2) Marko ima lepu _______ .    a) devojka, b) devojke, c) devojku
3) Pišem pismo _______ .    a) olovka, b) olovke, c) olovkom
4) ______  putuje vozom.      a) Mariju, b) Marija, c) Marijom
5) Marko je doneo _____ cveće.      a) Mariju, b) Marija, c) Mariji
6) Vidimo se sutra u 7 ispred ______ .      a) škole, b)škola, c) školom
7) Moja ________  je malo nervozna.       a) drugarici, b) drugarica, c) drugarice
8) Okrenuo sam se za lepim _________ .      a) devojke, b) devojaka, c) devojkama

Do you have some dilemmas about your answers?
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